Welcome to my website. I am following along to an Adobe Dreamweaver CC video tutorial and am making this site as I watch each one of the lessons. When I complete all the episodes, I should be capable of making a full-fledged website in Dreamweaver!

I'm not completely unfamiliar with web design. I started using Dreamweaver since about 1999 or 2000 (version 4, back when it was made by Macromedia) but over the years the app has changed so much. The whole interface had become unfamiliar to me. So, I'm finding this tutorial very helpful!

I'm an oil painter who specializes in pet and people portraits. Here is a video (quickly made in Adobe Premiere CC and encoded in Adobe Media Encoder CC) showing some of my paintings. The music (I use the term loosely) was composed with Apple's Garageband app.

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